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Hello and thank you for your interest in Christchurch Bay Coastal Escapes.

Our ethos is to deliberate focus on quality of service over quantity of stock.

We have a wonderful diverse range of properties throughout Mudeford and we are delighted to work with some wonderful owners who put genuine care and pride into their holiday homes, allowing us to offer our guests true, luxury accommodation that's guaranteed to be both beautiful and reliable every single time.

Whilst we are always on the look out for new, unique and special properties, we keep the portfolio small to ensure we can continue to offer the high end service that each and every owners and guest expects.  Living in the area allows us to offer first hand experience of what to do and where to go that larger agencies just cannot offer.

We strive to develop a close relationship with all of our owners, meaning communication is easy and stress free.

We are a small, local business, offering a truly personal service that larger agencies often miss.  Our promise to you is to care for your property the same way you do, and to find lovely, thoughtful and respectful guests to fill your calendar throughout the year.

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Meet us.

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